Codename: Laughsalot

To gain more experience reading, interpreting, and coding various APIs I’ll be creating an app to automatically add a hashtag to tweets posted to Twitter. Nothing complicated at the moment but there will be a text box to save the reusable hashtag, a text box of what to tweet, two buttons (Send, Clear tweet), and a scrollable object that shows a user timeline. Live tweeting movies with friends is what inspired this as constantly having to add “#livetweetHallPass” or whatever movie we’d be watching got to be a hassle.

Smoke or Fire: Rules of the game

12 Rounds

Rounds 1-4

  • 1- Each player chooses a card color, smoke (black) or fire (red). A correct guess earns 1 to give away, and an incorrect guess earns you 1.
  • 2 – Each player guesses their next card will be either higher than, lower than, or the same (post) as their first card. Correct guess earns 2 to give or 2 to take.
  • 3 – Each player guesses their next card will be either outside of their current cards, between their current cards, or exactly either one (post). Correct guess earns 3 to give, incorrect 3 to take.
  • 4 – Each player guesses the suit of their last card. A correct guess earns 4 to give, incorrect 4 to take.

Rounds 5-12 : A card is drawn from the deck, if the number matches a card in a player’s hand…

  • 5 – … they take 1.
  • 6 – … they give 1.
  • 7 – … they take 2.
  • 8 – … they give 2.
  • 9 – … they take 3.
  • 10 – … they give 3.
  • 11 – … they take 4.
  • 12 – … they give 4.

Smoke or Fire

Our first game is ‘Smoke or Fire’. So far we have a working interface that plays the game, but nothing visual or exciting.

In it:

-Easy to see UI

-Plays the game

Next up:


-Seeing the cards as they’re dealt

Way future:

-Connectivity to play with friends, ie: one player is the dealer (usually @KingBlackoutD) and the other players see which cards they’re dealt.

It’ll be published soon, so keep an eye on the Market!


Welcome to Blackout Productions! We are a small *company* (one guy, me) who makes simple games for AndroidOS. These are games my good friend @BlackoutKingD introduced to me and my friends and I wanted to digitize. Follow to stay up to date on all our creations. Follow @Blackout_Prod on Twitter for instant updates, otherwise I’ll keep this blog up-to-date on a broader scale.

NOTE: These games are for entertainment purposes only.