Updated the Pogdesign TV Calendar

Updated the TV calendar comparator to output the watch percent of each show. Took off the total number of episodes from the main column to handle comparing old data with updated episode counts to old data with old episode counts.

Neat stuff.

CAT Comparator

Two things

I’ve learned the comparison stuff for PogDesign CAT will soon be irrelevant so it may not be needed soon. For now though, meh why not.

Keep the main page and set it to include everyone’s info I have. Make a second page with a spinner that can choose to compare people to; probably two spinners now that I think about it to compare whichever two people. Means I should put the code for building the table in a function of some kind to keep it modular.

Write that down.

Arrays by reference

Figured out how I’m going to fix matching arrays with two different entires: three arrays, one for each person and one for the combination of both. Loops through the combination of both and look for an entry in each person’s array.

This will also be easier by using arrays that store a reference key instead of an index; more like a dictionary or a hashmap than an array.

Also changing the layout from two columns for each person to three columns: first for the show, next for me if I’ve seen the show, the last for the other person if they’re seen the show.

Halfway there

Got the DOM parsed, got the other DOM parsed. Got them sorted. Now to merge them while maintaining which user owns which shows and then to display that relationship.

If one user has a show the other doesn’t the matching column should be empty.


A ha!

The trick when using a third-party class or API is asking the right question. Don’t expect any anchor tags if you ask for a span tag.

Also, gotta find some more pages to parse soon.



Much TV. Very compare.

I’ve been using PogDesign to keep track of my TV watching and while it’s really nice there isn’t a strong profile page. There’s a listing of shows I’ve added to my profile but I want to compare my shows watched, the whole list, with my friends.

To remedy that, I’m thinking of making a comparator myself. It’d be nice if it had access to my profile already but it’s easier to get it myself for now. I can save the generated page locally and parse it with PHP, then display it as a table on a page. I can get the same page for other people and compare away.