Remote Viewer, now with ads!

The way to implement ads into AndroidOS apps has changed quite a bit since I last implemented it, probably because Google bought AdMobs (or something) so now everything goes through Google Play Services. A little annoying since before it wasn’t as limited but if you’ve gotten the app you have to have the right services installed to get to the Play Store anyway. It’s not at all positioned correctly but you get the idea. Moving right along…

Remote Viewer ads!

Remote Viewer for qBittorrent Mockup

I’m starting to mess around with layouts and strings for the upcoming remote viewer app. I’m trying to mimic the layout of the web interface for conformity.

Remote Viewer - Action Bar

Connect and Refresh are always displayed and do what they say. I might make Connect disappear once something is connected for a cleaner interface. Refresh may not be necessary depending on the connection type, which I haven’t figured out yet.

Remote Viewer - Drawer

Each drawer option displays the appropriate torrents, and I’m thinking of adding a set of choices for labels as well. They’re not an option on the web interface but that may be unrelated. We’ll see. Oh! And I’m going to add a admob banner so advertisers pay me and not the users.