Web site changes

I’ve spent some time with Jquery Mobile and got a mobile specific version of the site up at m.insomnialtendencies.com. It contains all the same links and mostly of the same information; pages that won’t work on mobile are linked to the main site. There’s also a mobile friendly calculator of various things that my dad’s been looking for; when you can’t find what you want, make it!

I still need to implement the code to monitor the access hardware to switch from mobile to desktop versions, of course including a manual switcher because I hate when I can’t see the desktop version of a site from mobile. I found a PHP plug-in that’ll handle checking the user-agent, I’ve just gotta spend the time getting it hooked up. A friend of mine who does lots of website design spent a week fighting with the mobile/desktop change-over, but I think they weren’t using any external plug-ins. I’ll have to bug them about that tomorrow when they’re at work.