Softball Stats finally updated

After nearly two years of not being updated, Softball Stats has gotten a well deserved update. Sacrifice flies are displayed properly and exporting the stats is a new feature. No longer are the stats stored on a mobile device, they can be put into a spreadsheet and shown to players or just kept as an archive of past seasons.

Softball Stats Market link

Softball Stats currently in alpha

Alpha link APK has been pushed for all registered testers. With no problems and a few days it should appear on the Play Store for all normal users.

Export the database to CSV to share stats or create your own statistics
Sacrifice-flies are displayed correctly (previous was just “fly out, 1 RBI” now will display “sacRBI, 1RBI”)
Ad network reconfigured

Softball Stats being updated

I’m working on Softball Stats, honest. So far I’ve updated to the latest Google Ads library which means I’m able to run it on new devices and can package and upload to the Play Store again.

Now that that’s done (at least on my test device) I’m moving onto exporting as a CSV file! No more stats stuck on the phone! Nothing fancy yet, just a list of the players and their stats through games, since it’s just a CSV file but once the data is in a spreadsheet program it can be changed to fit whatever the user wants.

Of course once these changes are in the store and tested they’ll be added to Softball Stats Pro!