Frak the Dealer

The latest upcoming game, still to be created, designed, or even thought of. But it’s another game that’ll get you (usually the dealer) well done. Stay tuned for updates!

Smoke or Fire

Our first game is ‘Smoke or Fire’. So far we have a working interface that plays the game, but nothing visual or exciting.

In it:

-Easy to see UI

-Plays the game

Next up:


-Seeing the cards as they’re dealt

Way future:

-Connectivity to play with friends, ie: one player is the dealer (usually @KingBlackoutD) and the other players see which cards they’re dealt.

It’ll be published soon, so keep an eye on the Market!


Welcome to Blackout Productions! We are a small *company* (one guy, me) who makes simple games for AndroidOS. These are games my good friend @BlackoutKingD introduced to me and my friends and I wanted to digitize. Follow to stay up to date on all our creations. Follow @Blackout_Prod on Twitter for instant updates, otherwise I’ll keep this blog up-to-date on a broader scale.

NOTE: These games are for entertainment purposes only.