Fantasy Football Draft

Since 2010 I’ve been in a fantasy football keeper league. Each year we draft new players and often keep three per team; in the past Yahoo hasn’t been able to handle our specific league needs so I’ve been using a Google spreadsheet to keep track of the draft.

The spreadsheet is useful because it’s online so anyone can access it anywhere, it’s designed to handle teams in each column and rounds in each row, and the functionality to sort players and maintain some semblance of order with the 500+ players that can be chosen. It does have some downside since I have to set everything up manually every year then make sure the league managers follow the procedure to keep the draft going smoothly. As an alternative I’ve been pondering making my own web app (that honestly is going to steal plenty from Yahoo, shh don’t tell them) to use instead of a Google doc.

Things I want:

  • handle 500+ players including
    • name
    • team
    • position
    • projected draft round
    • projected season points
    • bye week (more useful then you’d think)
    • if they’re drafted or kept, by whom
  • 14 league managers that have
    • team owner
    • kept players
    • drafted players
    • players listed by position
  • no log-in (at least for now)
  • players displayed in an easily sorted manner
  • players drafted or kept are removed from the master list
  • players can be easily located by name or team
  • simple for managers to draft players
  • overall draft sheet showing teams in columns and rounds in rows
  • master player list showing their info
  • players listed by position

In my head it’s three sections: master player list, draft display, search area. Ideally on one page so no one has to swap pages but it might be too cluttered for those that don’t live in a 1080+p display world (heathens).

The base data needs to be persistent so a SQL database is the easy choice.

  • 2014 Keeper League draft (database name)
    • Players (table name)
      • Last Name (table rows)
      • First Name
      • Team
      • Bye
      • Position
      • Projected draft position
      • Projected season points
      • Drafted by
    • Teams (table name)
      • Owner
      • 1st round draft position

I’m unsure about how to go about changing the draft status of each player. Buttons? Drop-down list? Text box? Something to think about.