Finding an artist — A call has been placed to some artsy friends of mine in order to get appropriately sized and sexy icons and such. ETA: next month.

Smoke or Fire — An update should be out on Thursday (just in time for the weekend *wink*) that will make the rules for each round a little clearer for novice users.

Codename: Laughsalot — Because Twitter doesn’t want me to user xAuth I have to learn the more complicated oAuth to allow posting and reading of user timelines. If I’m feeling frisky I may attempt a Windows version as it’ll use the same oAuth communication as a mobile app. ETA: next month.

Dice Roller — I found a very useful dicebag/dice roller on the market already so unless I get specific issues to address I don’t see a reason to piss on someone else’s lawn. ETA: never.

And that’s what we have going on here at Blackout Productions! Feel free to leave a comment or send an email if there’s more information you’d like or with any comments you have.

*Getting that paper*